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RR avg is awesome for both Standard and Upgraded members!


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EnClix EnClix


What is EnClix?

  • EnClix is a PTC site registered company in UK as EnClix LTD,  Paying Instantly since 20 March 2017.

  • EnClix is using a very unique PTC script and has a responsive design.

  • EnClix has several other ways to earn other than paid to click ads. Join to explore!

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Why only EnClix?

  • Because EnClix always Pays Instantly through all the available Payment processors.

  • There is no need to invest anything to earn from EnClix, it’s completely free to all the members.

  • There are many simple ways to earn at EnClix, you can play grid game and win cool prizes or you can earn extra income from offers.

  • You can earn profit from your RR’s even as a standard member with a healthy avg of 1.7+(BEP = 1.33)

  • EnClix supports many safe Payment processors such as PayPal, Payza and BitCoin.

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How to earn/make money from EnClix?

  • To earn money from EnClix, first you need to create an Account, Click Here to do so.

  • You can earn by Viewing Ads, Playing AdGrid, completing OfferWalls tasks.

  • You can earn $0.05+ daily simply by viewing Ads as a standard member. Each ad will make you earn $0.01.

  • You can earn commissions form the clicks made by your Direct Referrals.

  • You can also earn huge profits form Rented Referrals both as a Standard and Upgraded member.

Earn money from EnClix

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What is EnClix RR strategy to make huge profits ?

  • Remember – if you want healthy RR avg then you should post your RR status on their forum regularly,  else your avg may get very low at some point.

  • If you want to earn high profits from EnClix as a standard member then you should consider Renting Referrals because they are profitable.

  • Each RR cost on EnClix is $0.20 and RR click rate for Standard members is $0.005.

  • BEP is 1.33 and the avg you will be getting as a Standard member is 1.7+ so you will making $12+ profit a month form 200 RR’s as a Standard member.

  • If you want to make huge profits form EnClix then you should upgrade your account to Premium which costs $90( now $67.50, offer) a year.

  • After Upgrading your account to Premium, you should start Renting Referrals which costs $0.20 each, The more RR’s you have the more profits you will make there.

  • The Max RR limit for Premium members is 2000, RR click rate is $0.01, BEP is 0.66 and the RR avg for Premium members is 1+

  • If your RR avg is 1+ then you will be making ~ $0.10 profit form each RR and if you have 2000 RR’s then you will be making approximately $120 – $180 pure profit every month.

  • You can also earn huge profits if you have active Direct Referrals because as a Premium member you will be earning $0.005 form every click made by them.

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My Strategy at EnClix?

  • Well, I am a Premium member on EnClix since 24 March 2017 and I have already reached my ROI.

  • I have 500 RR and they make me around $40 – $60 profit every month.

  • I also have 150+ DR’s and they make me $1.50 pure profit a day.


Is it safe to join EnClix?

  • As of now, Yes It’s 100% safe to join EnClix because it doesn’t require investment to earn and it always pays Instantly.

  • Admin is Experienced and site has safe Payment Processors with stable plans.

Review of EnClixIs EnClix a Legit or Scam PTC site ?

  • As of now EnClix is a Paying PTC site with no complaints form any members.


So don’t think for too long, Join EnClix today and start making huge profits.

EnClix EnClix


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